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Are you an offroad warrior or a demon of asphalt?
Or perhaps you'd prefer the roll the dice and become the ultimate force of chaos on the road? Either way, it's your car, your choice, and your chance to make a name for yourself or lose it all.


Project to be announced.


Anthony Fox

Boss Level 99

Heather Campbell

Artistic Wizard

Nathaniel Johnson

Code Warlock

Rachel Cordone

Programmersaurus Rex

About Us

In the pursuit of world domination, great minds joined together to form the ultimate force of chaos and creation: Project 172. What happened to the other 171 projects, you ask? Don't worry about it. Lets just say that the whole world domination thing didn't work out, but that doesn't mean we don't have some brilliant ideas. In lieu of our previous objective, we've decided to release our mad creations to the masses in the form of video games. We'll groom our army of minions yet.

We are always open to the possibility of new overlords. In case our creations fall in line with someone else's goals for world domination, we've been known to join forces and create unique masterpieces in their name. It allows us opportunities to create new inventions and challenges us to continue to push the boundaries of what is considered possible. We're content letting another reign supreme for the time being, as long as we're the ones orchestrating their rise to power. 

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